Things You Should Never Say To a Musician

Musicians, like other artists, are indeed creative but sometimes complicated human beings.

If you have to deal with a musician, or for that matter we all have to do some time or the other, the tips given here will make you avoid saying things that you must never do.

  1. Do you want to become a Musician?

A musician will take it as an insult as if he is being treated like a novice, especially if he or she is already in the field for quite some time. They do not like the word “trying” to be a musician if they already see themselves as one. Believe me, it is not easy to stand in this field, irrespective of where you are. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, working for long hours, travelling at odd hours and what not.

  1. You play like…

Never try to compare a musician to an existing one. They want to be original and not the copycat. You may be attempting to compare the one you are talking to with an established name in the field, still all musicians want to be themselves and not like someone. If instead you say that you are original and just awesome, then it will immediately strike the right cord.

  1. Praising to the extent of sycophancy…

Never try to suggest a musician that he is fit to become something say an American Idol. Such a praise may look as if you are mocking him, so avoid it and be realistic.

  1. When will you be heard on TV?

Such a question will challenge the musician in proving his worth, as coming from a TV show or on a radio will need that a record company or a TV show organizer who is ready to invest money in him. So do not ask such questions to a musician as it will be as good as challenging him for what he is.


  1. I have a great idea for a good song…

Let the work of a musician be done by him and do not just throw suggestions without knowing the likings and disliking of a person. Do not throw your talent in the air where there are better claimants to do so, and you are not prepared for such a competition.

  1. Suggesting a venue to play for free…for exposure

Do not suggest a place for a musician to perform for free for the sake of exposure. He or she may not like it as they like to be valued for what they are worth, instead of just jumping around playing for free. After all, being a musician is their livelihood, and no restaurant owner may want to host a party for free just to give exposure to their restaurant.

  1. What do you do…

Asking a musician what he does is as good as making him feel that he is not doing anything. You must never forget that he is am musician, and that is a field in itself. You must respect his for being a musician

The above are some foolish things that you should never try with musicians, or one thing will be there for sure, you will never be able to befriend them.

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