Things You Should Always Keep if You are a Music Lover.

It is the era of technology that has created a boon for all music lovers. Gone are the times when one had to go to a concert, to listen to their favorite musician. Now you can carry your music always with you. For this here are some gadgets that all music lovers must have.

  1. The Jawbone Jambox

It is a great portable and wireless Bluetooth speaker that gives excellent and clear sound. It has been made by the makers of Jawbone Headset. Once fully charged, the speaker will give 8 hours of music play, enough to keep the party going all night. It can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device like your phone, laptop, iPad, etc. It has one inbuilt speakerphone, so that the device can also act as a microphone for conference communication calls.

  1. TDK Boom Box

This gadget is with USB and RCA ports and can link with iPod or iPhone to give a great sound delivery. It also has the AM/ FM radio function and is operated by touch buttons. Each set is with 15 watts the central woofer and 10 watts side speakers. The visual appeal with gloss black finish is great.

music lover

  1. Beat Studio Head Phones from Dr. Dre

If you want noise cancelling headphones, then the Bose or Beats by Dr Dre are your best choices. Beats, brand from music professionals, especially promises great sound quality. The headphones have almost 3-4 years of extensive research behind the product. The headphones are with iPhone enables cables complete with answering button and microphone. You can switch to your calls while listening to music without any fuss.

 Djay App

If you have an iPad and you love to hear music through it, then we suggest you go for the Djay App that will convert your iPad to fully fledged DJ table. The close to reality touch screen and the ability to integrate all your favorite music will give you an excellent experience. You will be able to do it all be it pre cueing, batching or beat mixing.

  1. Noise Cancelling Shure SE425 Earphones

If you are fed up with your white iPod earphones then, you can go for the ShureE525 earphones. They come with noise cancellation facility to give an excellent sound output. The result will be a clean and crisp sound delivery. It has its dedicated woofer and tweeter. The cable is detachable and can be replaced if damaged in use.

  1. The Logitech Squeezebox

This device will enable you to connect to your computer to play the music from anywhere in the house. You can access to your favorite sections in Amazon or iTunes, or you can have you own music tracks stored on the computer. You can also access to music delivery services like Pandora or Rhapsody to get the latest music at your fingertips, through internet.

  1. Wireless Music System from Bose Soundlink

The device is damn easy to set up. What you need is only to plug into your computer through USB, and you will be able to play the digital soundtracks and internet radio facilities through the computer. The device can be operated at ease with the help of wireless remote. The Bose quality anyway is always exceptional.

These are the seven gadgets that any music lover must have to enjoy the tracks anytime and anywhere.

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