Music Genre 101

What is something called Music?

Though dictionaries may give complicated definitions, but in layman language, music is nothing but a pleasant and harmonious sound produced with the help of musical instruments or the musicians. The field is so vast that one can devote chapters to properly explain the topic to the readers. One real definition that everybody will be able to appreciate is that something may be music to one and many not be to others, or despite being universal music is still specific and subjective.

I am sure that now you can understand how difficult it can be to describe music, despite being the fact that you have heard this word since your childhood.

To any ordinary man music can be the chirping of birds, the humming of your child while playing, you singing while taking bath or when someone touches the keys of the piano. Music is where life is. If there is music somewhere it means that there is life in and around the place, as only when the life is gone will follow the complete silence.

I suggest with this background just think a while of how many other definitions of music that you can think of.

Something about the origin and history of music!

It ‘s hard to say exactly when music originated and from where. Some even say that music existed even when there was no mankind or even when there was no life on earth.

From the point of view of historians, the known and documented journey of music can be classified in 6 eras. Each period or age has contributed to its sense in the overall development of music to give it the shape that it has today.

music genre

The Middle Ages

This period of music development is known for start of music notation and the concept of polyphony. In these times, the music can be classified into two categories of monophonic and the polyphonic.

The Renaissance

The word itself means rebirth, and honestly so in these times many changes came to the music in the way it was created and perceived.

The Baroque

It is an Italian word meaning bizarre. In this period, the composers experimented with styles, form and the instruments. In these times, there were great developments in the field of opera and the instrumental music.

The Classical Music

The period of the classical music is considered to be from 1750 to 1820. It is the time of forms as sonatas and simple melodies. In this period, the primary instruments used by composers was Piano. Some great music had been created at this time that is motivating people even today.

The Romantic Music

The period of romantic music is considered to be from 1800 to 1900. In this period, music was used to tell the story or to showcase the idea. Many forms of instruments were used for the purpose. The melodies made the music fuller and more dramatic.

The 20th Century modern music

In this period, many innovations came to the music in the ways it used to be appreciated and played. In these times, the artists were ready to experiment with new forms, and there has been extensive use of technology in preparing the compositions.

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